SCG Muangthong United ASEAN TOUR 2017 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia, July 14-17, 2017.

SCG Muangthong United, with the support of title sponsor 'SCG', launch the next phase of the ASEAN TOUR 2017 with a visit to Cambodia for a match with the Cambodian All-Star Team, as well as other special events over the four day visit. SCG Muangthong United will play the Cambodian All Stars at the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh on July 16th, with all ticket proceeds going towards development of football in Cambodia. Key players from SCG Muangthong United making the trip include Charyl Chappuis, Heberty Fernandes, Leandro Assumpcao, Prakrit, and others, led by head coach Totchtawan Sripan. As well as the match, SCG Muangthong United will hold "KICK & SHARE" sessions with Cambodian youth. The ASEAN TOUR visit to Cambodia seeks to build the relationship between Thailand and Cambodia, to inspire youth towards football success, and to further develop the sport of football in the region. Director of Football for SCG Muangthong United Ronnarit Suewaja said, "We are honoured to be invited back to Cambodia, for the second year in a row. The response last year from Cambodian fans was amazing, with over 45,000 fans at the match, and this year we want to build this relationship. We hope to develop the sports industry, and also to improve the quality of life for Cambodians. We will bring with us a strong army of players, and will hold special events for fans to join. In doing so, we strengthen the international relationship, and we hope to see many fans at the match and the events." The ASEAN TOUR is the initiative of SCG marketing outreach, to build the fan base of SCG Muangthong United, and to promote the development of football in the region. Over the past two years the club has visited Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos, and brought Thai football to over one hundred thousand fans.

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