SAFETY FIRST!! - SCG Muangthong meet with Thai Police ahead of match with Buriram

SCG Muangthong United management team met with local Thai Police officials earlier this week to plan carefully for this Saturday's home opening match with Buriram United.

The safety measures for the "Big Match" are now in place for the Twin Qilin (Muangthong United) home opener against The Thunder Castle (Buriram United). The local police of Nonthaburi province and the local police of Pakkret will send more than 300 policemen. They will be checking intensely all areas of the stadium and all crossroads around Muang Thong Thani. Also MTUTD have added 300 more security guards. Anyone selling "Ghost Tickets" will be arrested and prosecuted right away.

This is considered a very big match in Thailand and will receive a lot of attention from football fans all over the nation. For this reason the Thai Premier League Co. Ltd. has established a special policy and appointed Police Lieutenant General Prawut Thavornsiri, Commissioner of Office of Information and Communication Technology, Royal Thai Police, to be the Anti-violence President at the football stadium to establish a very tight security system. The director of football for SCG Muangthong United, Ronnarit Suewaja, and staff, were informed about the safety plan at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters this past February 18.

Simultaneously, Police Lieutenant General Prawut Thavornsiri has been given the job to instruct the Nonthaburi and Pakkret local police to prepare 300 policemen to patrol around check the safety of the football fans of both teams, to control traffic, alcoholic drinks distribution, and as well those who sell tickets for more than the original price: "Ghost Tickets."

Most recently, on February 19, the representative from all sides held a meeting at the Meeting Room of SCG Stadium. The meeting was led by Paiboon Unyapo, the competition regulator, for this match from the Thai Premiere League Co.Ltd., as well as the Nonthaburi and Pakkret local policemen, officers from SCG Muangthong United F.C, the team security guards, and authorities from Muang Thong Thani.


The Deputy Police Chief of Nonthaburi reveaedl that plans are completed, and also desires to see that football creates happiness for the society.

As for Police Colonel Surapong Thanomchit, Nonthaburi police Deputy chief, as president for order at the tournament, has came out and said that "Personally, I'm glad to see the sport is popular and provides happiness to the people of Thailand. The National Police Agency (Royal Thai Police Headquarters) recognizes the importance of this sport for society.

As for the match, they have prepared more than 300 police officers keeping order and the facilities in areas such as weapons inspection, which may cause unpleasant situations.

About selling the ghost tickets, this is considered as violating consumer protection laws. The police will have a small police station set up at the stadium for arrests and prosecution of those selling tickets illegally.

Football fans who witnesses any unsafe situation are asked to please inform the police immediately. That is the duty of the police to keep everyone safe, and a policy that the Royal Thai Police Headquarters wants to see football create the happiness to the society


The local Pakkret police station has confirmed the policemen will spread out to all areas around Muang Thong Thani, as well as controlling the distribution of alcoholic beverages.

The local Pakkret police representatives, which has jurisdiction for the SCG Stadium, said, "This year, the local Pakkret police will see to the organization and provide comfort to fans in SCG stadium for every game, and we have explicit measures, both for taking care during this Big Match and games in general. This is for fans of the home and away teams to feel safe to come to watch.

For the forces of the police officers in this game, we have deployed them all around Muang Thong Thani and all the exits of all major road routes. There will also be a patrol car running around to check all roads in Muang Thong Thani. Also, we are keeping control of alcoholic beverage distribution, and if there are shops with unlicensed distribution of alcoholic beverages, we will immediately arrest and prosecute.

Following the Alcoholic Beverages control Act, the shops that do not have legal permission to sell, we will have a limited time slots to distribute only before the game starts, and no more drinks will be allowed to be sold during the game. We will provide a permission again during half time, but after the second half starts until the end of the game, it is prohibited in all circumstances. We want to tell the fans that the police officers did not come to cause any fear, but we are doing our job to create order and convenience to the citizens, and it will make everyone cheer happily for football devoid of concern from various occasions, "he said.

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