TEERASIL'S DEBUT MATCH WITH ALMERIA Thai national star and Muangthong striker Teerasil Dangda has been signed with La Liga team U.D. Almeria for one year. Teerasil played the first half of the season with Muangthong, however left in early July to begin training in Spain.

Teerasil had his debut as an U.D. almeria striker yesterday and impressed the squad by scoring 2 of the 5 goals as they defeated Aguilas 5-0!

In the lead up to the game, Teerasil had been training hard, often two workout sessions per day. In the morning of Monday, July 21st, he had travelled to his regular practice, light exercises at the gym and some running. This was to

prepare himself for the up coming pre-season match with Las Aguilas 4th Division at the city of Murcia, southeast of Spain, on Wednesday July 22nd. Teerasil checked out from his hotel and departed for the airport at around 8.20 am (Spain time). Today, Francisco Rodriguez, the team’s trainer, organized the morning practice program in which the players had to do some weight training in the gym for an hour (from 9.30 am to 10.30 am). In addition, photos were NOT allowed. After the working out at the gym, they went out for a 30-minute run. This run had been separated into two parts. In the first 15 minutes, the players and the coaches divided into 4 groups and rotated between jogging and running around the field. After that, players were told to slowly run to the marked spots, and then increasing the speed while controlling the soccer ball. This morning practice ended around 11.00 am.

As for the evening practice, it started at 7.00 pm at the same field. The practice consisted of basics such as passing the ball back-forth, playing a small sized game, and separating into two sides to play a small game. The evening practice took around 1 hour and a half. After today’s practice, Teerasil was interviewed and said that his body is now getting used to the practice and he does not feel as heavy and tired like the first few days. Even more, his body also does not ache that much anymore. As for the warmup with Las Aguilas, Teerasil is not expecting anything much because it is only a game checking fitness and does not feel any pressure whatsoever. However, he will try his very best to fulfill his duty. As for the program/schedule on July 22, the club had appointed the players to come practice in the morning regularly. It was predicted that the practice would be light, before departing in the afternoon by bus heading towards the city of Murcia for the warm-up game with Las Aguilas in the evening.


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