MUANGTHONG UNITED'S former striker, and star of the Thai national team, Teerasil Dangda who now plays for UD Almería, on loan for one season, described the workout he had recently (July 15, 2014).

First of all, there would be two practices this day, one at 9.00 am, and then again at 7.00 pm.

Teerasil arrived at the practice field at 8.30 am for a 30 minute warm-up. This was mainly running back and forth within a limited amount of time, and the assistant coach would constantly shorten the time, forcing him to run harder.

After the warm-up, it was time for some monkey in the middle, then a small game with three teams: alternating between themselves, possessing and chasing the ball. Morning practice ended at 10.30 am (1.30 hours of practice plus a 30 minute warm-up).

Teerasil later told the Siam Sport news reporter in Madrid that even though the practice time was short, it required a lot of energy, especially during the running back and forth. He felt that he was not strong enough, but he will improve his fitness in the days ahead.

Back at the hotel Teerasil rested and had some lunch. Then, at 6 pm he left for the practice field once again. That evening, the practice emphasized ball techniques, such as taking the ball from the opponent. They then wrapped it up by loosening up their muscles. Overall, the evening practice was about one hour.

During the practice, there was also a visit by an elderly soccer fan who had some questions. Is Teerasil his first name or his last name? How many teams are in the Thai Premier League? Is Teerasil a very strong player of Thailand?

After the practice, Teerasil also shared that he is injuy free, although tired due to the rather tough practice in the morning. He is starting to get the hang of it.

Furthermore, Teerasil revealed that he has finally decided how to print his name on the back of his jersey. He will not be using 'TEERASIL' like other events before, but “T.DANGDA,” which is how the Thailand National Team does it. He also mentioned that he likes using his family name better.

For July 16, 2014, there will be only a morning practice by having the players work out in the gym, so no practice with the soccer ball at all.


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