THAILAND YOUTH LEAGUE: World Cup for Thailand Starts Here


The Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) have announced the creation of a new nation wide league, which will be known as the Thailand Youth League. The ultimate goal of the league is WORLD CUP FOR THAILAND STARTS HERE. The vision is 10 years from now, or sooner, the Thailand national team will qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

The league is set up in 8 divisions across the country and has over 300 teams, including SCG Muangthong United. As well as many of the professional clubs in Thailand's top league, Division I, and Division II, there are school teams, academy teams, and other club teams.

There are four age levels: U13, U15, U17, and U19. The Muangthong United teams will compete in the Western zone.

The project from the SAT also provides support through, among other things, professional training and development of coaches, referees, team managers, etc.

The Logo for the league can be explained as follows:

THE FOUR KEY COLOURS Each key colour on the ball represents a stage in the development of football skill and capability, and of course the red-white-blue surrounding the world symbolises the goal: WORLD CUP FOR THAILAND STARTS HERE!!

>WHITE - the colour white symbolizes the youngest players, whose football talent is just beginning to emerge, the initial spark of potential, ready for development.

>GREEN - the next stage, perhaps around the age of 13, when the young player is ready to step into some really serious training and growth. This is where the future becomes real.

>YELLOW - by this stage, the young footballer has grown into a powerful force, with speed, skill, and vision. This is the stage before stepping into the pro level.

>BROWN - at this point in development, the footballer has shown great promise as a future star, and is bound for the professional leagues, able to compete as an equal with peers worldwide.

MOOD & TONE The overall feeling from the logo is based on fun and excitement, the thrill of competition and excellence, while also capturing the dynamic, evolving talent of footballers. At the same time, the logo has a confidence and determination about it, representing the vision and goals set by the SAT.

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